Birthday and Anniversary Gifts

Please allow me to show you some unique and beautiful Birthday and Anniversary gifts. Some are real Statement Pieces, one of a kind. Others are simply classic and stunning. Buy now to be sure your gift is still available. I hope you will visit my shop SusanDolphinDelaney on Etsy. I ship everything First Class […]

The Greatest Pleasure in Life

I made my first piece with one of Anne Choi’s quote beads. The quote reads, “The Greatest Pleasure in Life is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do.” Amen! I strung the oxidized silver bead with large gray pearls, dotted sterling bead caps and spacers and six blue flash labradorites. The clasp is sterling. Easter […]

And They Call the Wind Mariah

I bought a fascinating glass sculpture from a talented glass artist in Scotland. He called it “Wind.” But what I saw was a gorgeous pregnant belly. So I called the wind Mariah. Mother’s Day is coming up and this would be a great gift to yourself to commemorate your pregnancy, current or past. Or a […]

Lucite: Four Score Years Later

I admit that I never thought I would make jewelry with Lucite. Then I found some 80 year old vintage Lucite beads. After so many years, they develop chatoyancy, a cat’s eye phenomena seen mostly in gems and translucency. Their reflectance can be seen across the room. I did not shy away from pairing these […]

Were There DROIDS in Ancient Crete

I was lucky enough to buy some beads from a visionary lamp work artist from Luxembourg. One pair seemed to have eyes and reminded me of DROIDS. Another seemed to have been excavated from Ancient Crete. It made me wonder if there were droids even then. I just added these and six other items to […]

Sunrise in Fog

When I opened the package with these two remarkable Basha Bead tubes, I immediately “saw” this necklace. The Basha beads begin with pink and silver, move to aqua and silver and finish with shade upon shade of silver. I used a single large Swarovski pearl as the center of the design. I strung the Basha […]

Dawn Light on Snow

A remarkable, nature-loving metalsmith created this nest of twigs from brass. She half-silvered it, giving it the look of golden dawnlight on snow. I hung an icy blue Basha Bead from the nest. The bead dances with every shade of silver and of pale aqua. The pendant is 2”. This pendant necklace will be a […]

Portrait of a Basha Bead

An Oregon lamp work artist creates Basha Beads of dichroic glass. I just photographed A SINGLE BASHA BEAD Pendant for my shop, SusanDolphinDelaney, opening on Etsy April 2. I turned the bead a little for each photo. You can see swirls of iridescent pink, blue-violet, aqua, gold, blue and violet, all in the same bead. […]

A Pearl with Endless Fascination

I bought a silver blue baroque pearl which was utterly amazing. The ridges and valleys on the pearl offered beauty and peace. Then I looked at it in bright light. Whoa! Coral luster with flashes of emerald. Once I moved it and the whole back flashed emerald. I was lucky enough to find some silver […]

The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me! I’d love to share some of the jewelry I’ve made for working women. Simple. Classic. Minimalist. Luxe. My Etsy shop, SusanDolphinDelaney: Please visit me there. I hope you find something in my shop with your name on it!