Crowning Glory Earrings

Every woman needs a pair of crown earrings. Whether you are feeling like Queen for a Day, whether you have just earned a promotion, whether you have cracked the glass ceiling or whether you are feeling like royalty, you need a pair of beautiful, unique crown earrings. Crown earrings make a great gift for yourself, your mentor, a high-achieving daughter or for a special woman at a special milestone.

Here are some of the crown earrings in my Etsy shop, SusanDolphinDelaney, where I make #JewelryForBusyWomen. There is a link at the end of the post where you can see all of my crown earrings.


Here is the link to my shop: Just put the word crown in the search box and you will see them all.

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The Only Pair of Earrings You Need for Your Vacation, or Back to College.

I chose ten pairs of earrings for you from my Etsy shop SusanDolphinDelaney. Each pair goes with everything, is lightweight and artistic, without competing with your outfit. Any one of these pairs could be the only pair you would need for a weekend trip, a cruise, or a ten day vacation.

FAITHFUL FOREVER. Ultra lightweight, textured sterling hearts on secure sterling ear wires.
EVENING IN VENICE. Dainty, gorgeous Venetian glass earrings with real white gold flakes swirling in aqua glass. Secure sterling leverbacks.
WHALESONG AT DAWN. Pink and Silver Basha Beads with fine silver nuggets. Secure sterling leverbacks.
MANATEE CAIRNS. Pale aqua Murano glass over sheets of white gold. Fine silver nuggets. Secure sterling leverbacks.
OASIS IN WHITE SANDS. Glorious ivory lampwork banded with a river of silver glass. Secure sterling leverbacks.
FOURSCORE YEARS AGO. Eighty year old Lucite that has developed translucency and moon glow reflectance. Sterling bead caps. Secure sterling ear wires.
MERMAID CAIRNS. Faceted Aqua Aura quartz, fine silver nuggets, secure leverbacks.
ABIQUIU SKIES. Deep turquoise lampwork. Fine silver nuggets. Secure sterling leverbacks.
CAIRN ON THE HUBBARD GLACIER. Two large baroque pearls. Sterling bead caps. fine silver nuggets. Secure sterling leverbacks.

I chose several “cairn” pairs of earrings. Cairns are stacked rocks that experts on a certain terrain put out to guide you home. Cairns are placed on glaciers and hiking trails. I have made fanciful mermaid and manatee cairns, also.

BLUFFF WILDERNESS CAIRN. Sea glass from the eastern coast of Canada, near the Bluff Wilderness Trail. Fine Silver nuggets. Secure sterling leverbacks.

My blog post about sea glass earrings, which also make great “one pair” beach earrings is here

All of the earrings in both posts are waterproof and are finished with sturdy leverback earrings to make them secure and loss-resistant.

My Etsy shop, SusanDolphinDelaney, is packed with wonderful earrings, pendants and necklaces. I hope you will visit.

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Religious Themed Jewelry for Christians and Jews

Spirituality has been a focus in my life ever since I was a child. This post is for my sisters in Christianity and Judaism who want to display their spiritual beliefs. There are six Christian themed items, two crossover items reflecting God’s “bow in the sky”, applicable to both Christians and Jews, and two Jewish offerings.

GOLD VERMEIL CROSS. Sterling silver heavily plated with 24K gold. On an heirloom gold filled box chain. Can be worn this way or shiny side out.
BELIEVE. Sterling silver charm with star on one side and the word BELIVE on the other. Lavender/silver Edison Pearl. Sterling wheat chain.
MILAGROS EARRINGS. Sterling milagros on sterling marquis ear wires with soft pink/silver Edison pearls.
SANTA FE OPEN CROSS EARRINGS. Sterling open crosses. Sterling Leverbacks. Lavender/silver Edison pearls.
EARRINGS SACRED HEART. Gold bronze hearts. Heirloom gold filled leverbacks.
LIMONCELLO PENDANT WITH CROSS CHARM. Lemon quartz mined in Brazil and bezeled in gold vermeil. Gold bronze cross. PLEASE NOTE, I CAN SUBSTITUTE A LEAF CHARM WITH A BEAUTIFUL EDISON PEARL FOR THE CROSS. See last photo in listing.

Now for the crossover jewelry that both Christians and Jews would wear: rainbow jewelry reminding us of God’s promise to keep his Covenant with us.

RAINBOW MOONSTONE PENDANT WITH PEARL. A stunning rainbow moonstone with a rainbow flashing down one side. The moonstone also flashes blue all over its surface. Gold vermeil bezel. Heirloom gold filled box chain.
RAINBOWS FOREVER EARRINGS. Rainbow lamp work glass. Sterling bead caps, wire and leverbacks.
STERLING STAR OF DAVID. Gorgeous textured Star of David. Texture is on both sides. Solid sterling ring. Sterling wheat chain.
BLUE AND SILVER SWIRL EARRINGS. Lampwork glass. Sterling bead caps, wire and ear wires.

I hope you will visit my Etsy shop, SusanDolphinDelaney, where I offer #JewelryForBusyWomen. My earrings, pendants and necklaces will never distract you. You can put them on in the morning and forget about them. At least until someone compliments you.

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Sea Glass Earrings and More

Sea glass earrings are perfect for days when you wish you were at the beach. Or for when you are actually at the beach. Allow me to take you on a tour of some of the sea glass earrings available in my shop.


This green-turquoise sea glass is extremely rare and fine. Sterling wire, fine silver nuggets (100% silver) and Sterling lever-backs complete the earrings. In my Etsy shop:


The extraordinary luminous turquoise sea glass in these earrings can be seen across the room. Sterling wire, fine silver nuggets and sterling lever-backs complete these earrings, found in my Etsy shop:


The super rare red sea glass in these earrings is from Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius is the home port of the fictional Red October, a nuclear submarine, whose captain defects and delivers the submarine to the US. These earrings are playfully named for that movie. In my Etsy Shop:


This sea glass was collected on the coast of Nova Scotia, near the Bluff Wilderness Trail. Cairns are stacked rocks that serve as trail markers. In my Etsy shop:


Native Peoples use stacked rocks on glaciers to mark the trails that lead them back home.


This super rare pink sea glass echoes the colors of a flamingoes plumage.


Of course, when you go to the beach, you will wear your flip flops. Wear these earrings when you are dreaming of the beach or when you are at the beach. The sterling flip flops have extraordinary detail. In my Etsy shop:

I hope you will visit my Etsy shop, SusanDolphinDelaney:

I make Jewelry for busy women. My earrings, pendants and necklaces will never distract you. You can put them on in the morning and forget about them. At least until someone compliments you!

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